Let’s start a new trend on Tumblr!!

How? Easy!! Just blog and reblog your favourite pictures, videos, quotes and memories about Alexander Rybak EVERY FRIDAY and tag them with #FiddlerFriday !!

Come on! Let’s make this a thing on Tumblr. And do tell your friends, family, pets and bookies about it. :) We’re expecting to see many lovely posts on this FIRST #FiddlerFriday !!

What a great way to start the weekend, don’t you agree? :D

-Rybak’s FaceBookies, xx



No matter how much you hate someone, never make fun of them for things like you think their idol is stupid or you don’t like what they like. I have been a fan of Ke$ha for almost 5 years, and everyone has constantly made fun of me for it. Little does everyone know, the girl in that picture is the person that keeps me going everyday. Without her, I, and a lot of other animals, would be lost.